Call for action to free medias in Europe: There is someting rotten in the State of Denmark

A call for foreign media that are free and independent of state aid


Since German media has experiences with blacklistning (Berrufsverbot) and monitoring of the people in the former DDR state carried out by the state security service Stasi i am hopeing for an respons from free media in Germany.

From a private social worker and citizen of the state of Denmark there
have personal experience with the system attacks carried out by the Danish state against the state’s own citizens.

Since it is not possible to get the Danish media to write about the cases due to their dependence on state aid also called media support and they will therefore not risk getting removed their financial support I have to turn turn to foreign media.

You probably have a romanticized image of how the social reality unfolds for citizens who are on
transfer income in the so-called welfare state of Denmark.

But there is something rotten in the state of Denmark” and it is eg:

  • The way that the country’s municipal administrations time and again overrides citizens’ legal guarantees (e.g. access to documents in own case, party hearings before financial sanctions are exercised onunemployed citizens) without the citizens being compensated at any time for their legal losses or receive financial compensation for
    the municipalities’ lack of or directly misleading guidance by citizens who find themselves in socially vulnerable positions
  • How the Gini never has been bigger in the so-called wellfarestate Denmark the fact is that the socialdemokratic parti and goverment lead by Mette Frederiksen has increased the powerty in Denmark – inspite of the fact that it was an election promise from Mette Fredriksen and the socialdemocrats that the inequality should be smoothed out. In fact it is the socialdemokratic goverment (a one parti goverment i Denmark – Red) thats has increased the inequality.
    GINI Udviklingen til år 2022. Uligheden har aldrig været større end under den socialdemokratiske et-parti-regering

    GINI 2022

  • The politically adopted laws that make it legal to lay off citizens who have reduced occupational and work capacity cannot be allocated them necessary early retirement pensions because the country’s municipalities use so-called target number for person who can obtain the necessary early retirement pensions and instead long-term parkers sick and unemployed citizens on lower welfare benefits such as cash assistance or
    resource income
  • How municipal employees systematically discredit doctors and specialist doctor’s declarations that citizens are ill are disabled and unable to participate in the ordinary labor market.
    This acknowledgment of medical and specialist statements is based on announcements from the highest political place in Denmark: – By the acting Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen who as former employment minister has stated (quote):
    It must never be doctors or specialists who decide whether citizens may have a connection to the labor market
  • How there is excess mortality among citizens who are subject the social systems in Denmark, for example for the unemployed and sick/disabled citizens applying for early retirement, or for citizens who must participate in 5-year long so-called “ressource progress” where citizens are meant to clarified by the municipal administrations in Denmark whitin 5 years – but as often it won’t be optained
  • How sick and disabled citizens must respond questions from municipal employees about “How they dry themselves in the butt”, and how it can go about making citizens who are unemployed subject to the so-called “job centres” experience that they have participated in
    activation courses which they have never participated in, – exclusively with the aim that municipalities in the state of Denmark can make money from the unemployed citizens
  • How agreements and contacts with 2 contractors are subject for secrecy for the sake of their competitors.
    This means that we, as citizens of the “rule of law” Denmark, cannot gain insight or knowledge of the many lucrative contracts they many 2-players enter into agreements with municipalities in Denmark when they resolve tasks for the municipal administrations
  • How citizens feel that they cannot understand the municipal employee caseworkers because they cannot speak
    properly Danish
  • How the largest municipality in Denmark – Copenhagen municipaliti employed student assistants to decide complaints from citizens who are stuck in the municipal system
  • How communal so-called control groups think they both are: Judges, police officers and the legislature in one and same organization even though we have a 3 way separation of powers in Denmark which is laid down in the Basic Law
  • – How unemployed citizens cannot get insight in their own social case because it is a free round for the country’s municipalities to override applicable legal guarantees to access own documents when you are
    citizen wiht a sociale case/problem
  • How a whole family can be subjected to extensive investigation based on anonymous notifications and how
    there is a class aspect in how the legislature
    (The People’s Parliament) constitutes an upper class that sets the middle class (case managers and social workers) to remove those of the lower class children
  • – How surveillance of unemployed citizens is carried out in Denmark via Facebook if they are on transfer income and have an open profile on Facebook (Yes, it reminds of STASI under the former DDR regime)
  • How all job seekers who have expressed themselves at some point critical about the municipal administrations in Denmark are and will be blacklisted for life when looking for jobs within the majors
    organizations such as the Danish municipalities are. The blacklisting also applies if man/k has come forward at any time criticism of organizations such as the National Association of Municipalities (KL) or political parties such as the Social Democrats.
    The Social Democrats in Denmark have previously run their own intelligence organization called AIC Arbejderbevægelsens Informations (CIA turned around..). Does this remind you of the socallede “Berufsverbot” in the former DDR-state..?
  • How Danish municipalities illegally used consulting firms to find savings in the disability area, and how the municipal supervisory authority the Danish Appeals Authority was forced to react to it after it became public
  • How the Danish municipalities drives the citizen to commit suicide


The so-callede Public service media in Denmark wont cover this.



Comes into consideration: I can provide contacts whitin the social resistance movement in Denmark:
They will ALL substantiate the observations.


I running the biggest homepage for private counsellors in Denmark – I am blacklisted in Denmark for my social interest and professionalism.

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